What Affects The Total Value of Your Personal Injury Settlement?

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by the careless and negligent act of someone else, you should be able to receive compensation for your losses. Compensation may include medical bill, loss of income, property damage, pain and suffering. There are a few factors that may affect the amount you are awarded for a personal injury claim. Keep reading to learn more.

Severity of the Injuries

The first factor that is considered when it comes to compensation is how severe the injuries are. Unfortunately, the cost of medical care can be very expensive and hard to predict based on the initial week following an injury. If you are offered a settlement amount in the first few days or weeks after an accident, it is important that you don’t accept it until you speak to a personal injury lawyer to ensure you receive the amount you need and deserve.

A personal injury lawyer in Burlington will want to make sure that your injuries are taken care of. If you suffered traumatic brain injury or spinal cord trauma due to an accident, you will most likely receive significant compensation in order to cover the medical expenses.

Level of Property Damage

Some personal injury claims can also include property damage. This is most of the time associated with a vehicle that may have been damaged in an accident. Car insurance settlements are most of the time included in a personal injury settlement. However, if you have received property damage due to a slip and fall accident, then personal damage may not be considered as a factor.

Compensation for property damage is more often considered with an automobile accident. The value of the property that you will need to have repaired or to replace the property will depend on many factors.

Lost Wages if a Victim Cannot Work

It’s a common practice for individuals who have been involved in a personal injury to ask for loss of wages after the accident happens. Loss of wages will include the amount of time missed at work. You will need a doctor to verify this amount of time you will need off due to your accident or injuries you received.

Level of Emotional and Psychological Trauma

It is often times challenging to measure the amount of emotional and psychological trauma that one endures following a personal injury. It is hard to add up and put a price on the amount of sleep you lose, the fear, anxiety, and stress you experience as well as other types of suffering you may experience. A personal injury lawyer will normally use a method to calculate this type of loss.

If you have suffered a personal injury, contact a personal injury lawyer for further advice and representation when you need it the most.

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