Owning and riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating but inherently dangerous pastime. The dreams of the open road can quickly become nightmares; unfortunately, such scenarios are all too common.

Causes of motorcycle accidents can range from improper road maintenance, errors by other drivers, and many other unique factors. Motorcyclists often are viewed by police and society as risk takers, but from our experience we have found that it is often the motorcyclist who is the victim of careless or distracted driving of a third party driver that is better protected from impact in their vehicle.

Because motorcycle riders have to share the road with other vehicles and the lack of protection offered, riders often sustain serious injuries such as fractures, amputations, spinal cord, and traumatic brain injuries. These injuries often involve extensive medical care where compensation is required for ongoing and future medical expenses, as well as other costs. In the event of a motorcycle accident fatality, it may be possible to pursue a wrongful death claim.

The losses from devastating injuries from motorcycle accidents can lead to long lasting health effects and economics losses for the victim. At BE Personal Injury Lawyer, we will fight to get the great rehabilitation possible for these victims, make sure these victims get the benefits they are entitled to and get the compensation they are entitled to for their losses. The consequences of these devastating accidents can be a lot to deal with, even without the mounting medical bills and other costs. Let our team help you deal with the paperwork so you or your loved one can concentrate on getting better.

If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident, contact BE Personal Injury Lawyer for a free consultation. We will investigate the facts, get to the truth, and ensure that justice is served. We have successfully recovered millions in compensation for motorcycle accident victims from all over Ontario and will protect your rights while ensuring that you get the compensation that you deserve. Some of our lawyers are motorcycle riders and can relate to the effects of someone being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.