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Motor vehicle accidents that involve pedestrians often result in severe injuries and usually happen because the driver was not paying attention or disobeyed the rules of the road. Sometimes, poor weather or road conditions play a contributing role to the accident, but typically it is driver negligence that causes these unfortunate accidents.

Because of the physics surrounding a scenario where a heavy metal object collides with a person, these accidents result in injuries that can range from soft tissue damage, cuts, and bruises to serious injuries such as fractures, spinal cord, and brain injuries. Unfortunately, some pedestrian accidents can result in fatality.

Victims of pedestrian accidents usually require extensive medical treatment, as well as lengthy and costly rehabilitation. Mounting medical bills, combined with lost wages, can put undue stress on a family causing emotional and financial strain. Depending on the victim's situation, the costs resulting from a pedestrian accident can quickly become unmanageable.

The law on pedestrian accidents is the exact same as motor vehicle accidents with one large difference-reverse onus applies on the at-fault party. The at-fault party has to prove that he is not at fault, rather than the victim needing to prove that the other party is at-fault. This easier requirement is always to the benefit of the pedestrian getting higher compensation for his injuries.

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