Victims of brain injuries often sustain a loss of physical, as well as mental, function and require extensive medical treatment and support that may be needed for the rest of their lives. Brain injuries are the leading cause of long-term impairment, with head trauma being one of the most common causes of death among young people.

The serious and unpredictable nature of brain injuries makes claims a very complex process. Medical diagnoses are often imprecise, which makes it difficult to assess the potential costs of future care and determine the amount of compensation the victim is entitled to.

Accidents resulting in spinal cord injuries often leave victims with paraplegia or quadriplegia, which can have devastating emotional and financial effects on the victims and their families. A spinal cord injury can greatly change the lives of victims, many of whom unfortunately will never recover. Drastic changes will have to be made to their day-to-day lives in order to adjust to their condition. Caring for a spinal cord injury victim can put an undue emotional and financial strain on the victim's family, as costs of healthcare and personal expenses may be required for the rest of the victim's life.

Having the necessary rehabilitation and compensation is extremely important for the victims and their families, as they adjust to their condition. Our dedicated lawyers have decades of experience and have successfully represented brain and spinal cord injury victims from all over Ontario. We have a team of community rehab professionals that are qualified in helping brain and spinal cord injury victims recover from their injuries.

If you or a loved one has been affected by a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury, contact BE Personal Injury Lawyer for a free consultation. We make sure that your rights are protected and that the victims and their families receive all of the benefits and compensation they are entitled to.