Suggested Actions For Passenger That Was Injured In Car Accident

The passenger of a vehicle has certain rights, if that same vehicle has collided with another moving object on a given roadway. Passengers can exercise their rights by taking certain actions.

Actions to take at scene of collision

Seek emergency services, if necessary. Call police and speak with the officer that arrives at the scene. Expect same officer to file a report, after speaking with all of the involved drivers.

Help with the exchange of information: Get the insurance information from your driver; the driver should share both the name of the insurance company and the policy number. Also get the insurance information for any other drivers that were involved in the collision.

Actions to take after returning to residence, or after being placed in hospital bed

Personal Injury Lawyer in Aurora will file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Study online information about the personal injury lawyers in your area. Pick a few that you would like to consult with, regarding compensation for your injuries.

Make a list of questions for any consulted attorney. Arrange to consult with several lawyers in the area that is close to the scene of the accident.

Schedule times for consulting with 2-3 personal injury lawyers. On the basis of information that was revealed during the consultation, choose the attorney that you plan to retain.

What are the rights of a minor that was riding in an auto, when it became involved in a car accident?

Someone under the age of 18 has no right to make a personal injury claim. Still, he or she should undergo a medical examination. That same individual would have the right to make a claim, after his or her 18th birthday.

Still, a judge would need to grant extension of the deadline for filing a lawsuit. An attorney must approach the proper judge, when it has come time to seek an extension. Only then could the former passenger plan on suing the responsible party.

Once a car accident victim has turned 18, he or she has the right to sue the responsible party. At that point each piece of medical information might add support to the former passenger’s claim. By the same token, each such piece could diminish the significance of the case of the defendant and the defendant’s defense team.

A good attorney would study the client’s medical records. That same attorney would hope to find mention about the likelihood for a particular event. That mention could highlight the veracity of any claims about chances for future medical problems.

A youth would not be able to claim much in the way of lost income. Unfortunately, though, he or she might encounter problems, during any effort to find and then hold a job.

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