How To Tell If You Are Being Watched By A Private Investigator

Since private investigators don’t want to be detected. That’s why they try to blend in with the crowd and try to remain discreet from your view. There are a few signs that will indicate if you are being followed by a private investigator.

The chances of you being investigated are much higher if your injuries are rare or you will get a large settlement. Insurance companies don’t think hiring a private investigator for a claim worth a few hundred dollars is worth their time or money. You may be investigated if you detect one or more of the following:

• A car that’s always near where you are
• You know people suddenly show more interest in you or ask you many more questions.
• Repeatedly seeing someone in places you’re constantly around but never interacts with you.

Personal Injury Surveillance and Independent Medical Exams

An independent medical exam is an evaluation that the doctor treating you will perform. The exams are unbiased since the doctors are neutral third parties. The doctor assesses your medical injuries and your current physical state.

Don’t be surprised if the defendant’s insurance company orders an independent medical exam for you. It may want one out of the fear that your doctor may be biased in your favor. You should be wary of these requests since there is no way to know if the doctor performing the exam isn’t biased in favor of the insurance company.

Many insurance companies attempt to use independent medical exams as a way of trying to get out of paying you a higher settlement. Also, the likelihood of you being watched by a private investigator before, during, and after the medical exam is much higher. The surveillance that the investigator records will be sent to the doctor who performed the medical exam for him or her to add statements.

Online and Digital/Electronic Surveillance are not the Same

If you don’t notice private investigators constantly around you, it doesn’t mean that you’re not being watched. It may mean that the investigator is observing you online instead. It will be easier for the investigator to observe you online than in person. You may also even be filmed. Personal injury lawyers in Burlington know that it’s not uncommon or unusual for private investigators to use body cams, phones, and other devices that are easy to hide to film you in public places.

Online surveillance is different from electronic surveillance. With online surveillance, you’re just being observed in real time online. Electronic surveillance is different since it looks at everything you have done online and includes wiretapping your messenger and calls. Electronic surveillance is expensive, hard to do, and invasive. That’s why private investigators don’t normally use it.

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