A Comprehensive Prep List To Meet An Injury Lawyer

A car accident is a complex situation. There are many moving parts, from the insurance companies and police to your own health, finances and emotions. The first step is to meet with a lawyer who knows how to help you get through this rough time. But what should you expect from that meeting?

Here’s what you should do to prepare for your initial meeting with an Injury Lawyer in Burlington.

Consult Medical Professionals

It’s essential to seek medical treatment immediately after an accident — even if you don’t feel injured or uncomfortable. This is because you may not notice the physical effects until days later, when they become more apparent or painful. You should also see a doctor confirm that nothing was broken or dislocated during the collision. This is also important because it may affect how much compensation your lawyer may try to receive for pain and suffering damages in court.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you are a named driver on the policy or have insurance of your own, contact your insurance company immediately after an accident. They should send out an adjuster who will start gathering information about the crash and work with you on filing any claims. Get a copy of your insurance card and policy number, and make sure you have proof of insurance. You should also get a copy of the police report if one was filed.

Additionally, you will have to provide the following list of items you should gather before meeting with an injury lawyer after a motor vehicle accident:

• The names, addresses and phone numbers of each driver involved in the crash. If passengers were injured or other witnesses, their contact information should also be collected.
• A police report or incident report number for each vehicle involved in the crash. If possible, include a copy of this document or at least be able to provide its general location (i.e., which police department).
• Photographs from the scene where the vehicles collided. These images could help demonstrate how close they were when they first made contact and provide substantial evidence of any damage done to either car before impact (such as if someone slammed on their brakes).

You may not think you need an attorney yet, but as you begin to collect your documentation and make sense of what transpired, you may find it challenging to manage everything on your own. An injury lawyer will help guide you through the process and avoid common mistakes you could have made while handling your injury claim. Having a list of questions ready can make the meeting more productive and will ensure that you have not forgotten anything on the topic while preparing for it.

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